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////WHAT WE DO////

>>>HAWAPI is an independent art event, which takes artists to remote and often overlooked locations in Peru to create site-specific public interventions, murals and performances.


Each year we bring together a group of artists, academics and socialy engaged individuals from a diverse range of practices to create public interventions in locations affected by specific social, political or environmental issues.


Each edition of HAWAPI is followed by a large-scale exhibition in Lima which documents the interventions on location and presents new original works created by the artists based on their experiences during the event.


////WHY WE DO IT////

>>>Through these activities HAWAPI aims to decentralize contemporary Peruvian culture and promote a platform for meaningful dialogue about complex contemporary issues on a local and national level, by encouraging artists to push the boundaries of their practice through research and a direct engagement with the communities most affected by these issues.


For a broader understanding of what HAWAPI is check out last years publication. Download here or write to us if youd like to receive a hard coppy.